[mrtg] Problem with configuration file for AKCP sensor probes

Michael J. Cole mcole at theorem.ca
Tue Jul 5 23:19:52 MEST 2005

Hi Everyone,

I have been using MRTG on a bunch of Cisco and Brocade gear for over a
year now and it works beautifully. Thank you Toby and everyone else, it.s
a nice little program. :)

Now I have been asked to integrate an AKCP Sensor Probe into the mess.
Anyway what these probes do is report on temperature and humidity. What I
am trying to do is get MRTG to trend out this data. My humidity data will
always be presented as a percentage (100% being the air is saturated with
water, 0% means there is no water in the air). Temperature will be in
degrees Fahrenheit, which is kind of nice, we don't need to worry about
temperature ever dropping below 0. So what I have is the following MRTG
configuration file (my supervisor wants humidity and temperature on two
separate plots).

# Autogenerated MRTG config file, created by /home/scripts/gencfg.sh

WorkDir: /home/mrtg/Temperature
LogDir: /home/mrtg/Temperature/logs
LoadMIBs: /home/mrtg/sp.mib
Refresh: 300
RunAsDaemon: yes
Interval: 5
Options[_]: noinfo, growright
MaxBytes[_]: 150
YLegend[_]: Environmental Conditions
WithPeak[_]: dwmy

Target[tor_computer_room-Temp]:<SNMP READ COMMUNITY>@tor-cr-temp.domain.tld
Title[tor_computer_room-Temp]: Temperature
PageTop[tor_computer_room-Temp]: <H1>Temperature -- tor_computer_room</H1>
  <TR><TD>Maintainer:</TD> <TD>Field Support.</TD></TR>
  <TR><TD>Description:</TD><TD> Temperature</TD></TR>
  <TR><TD>DNS:</TD>         <TD>tor-cr-temp.mlmc.com()</TD></TR>

.<SNMP READ COMMUNITY>@tor-cr-temp.domain.tld
Title[tor_computer_room-Humid]: Humidity
PageTop[tor_computer_room-Humid]: <H1>Humidity -- tor_computer_room</H1>
  <TR><TD>Maintainer:</TD> <TD>Field Support.</TD></TR>
  <TR><TD>Description:</TD><TD> Humidity</TD></TR>
  <TR><TD>DNS:</TD>         <TD>tor-cr-temp.mlmc.com()</TD></TR>

Only there is a problem with these graphs, after running mrtg for about an
hour I have the following log file:

$ more tor_computer_room-temp.log
1120596048 72 72
1120596048 0 0 0 0
1120595747 0 0 0 0

Here is an earlier more:

$ more tor_computer_room-temp.log
1120595447 72 72
1120595447 0 0 0 0
1120595147 0 0 0 0

So its not as if I've been too impatient or my SNMP query is incorrect,
the temperature in the Toronto Computer Room is indeed 72 degrees (about
20 degrees Celsius).

MRTG is not returning any errors when I run the cfg file so I am at a
loss, what could I be doing wrong?

Just in case this is at all helpful I am submitting an SNMP get of
temperature and humidity taken from the MRTG server:

$snmpget -v 1 -c <SNMP READ COMMUNITY> tor-cr-temp
SNMPv2-SMI::enterprises.3854. = INTEGER: 72

$ snmpget -v 1 -c <SNMP READ COMMUNITY> tor-cr-temp
SNMPv2-SMI::enterprises.3854. = INTEGER: 43

Any help would be appricated.



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