[mrtg] Re: 14all and custom date/time graphs?

John Latimer J.Latimer at sussex.ac.uk
Wed Jul 27 17:54:00 MEST 2005

Hi Rainer and Stefano

Thanks for the reply's.

> Of course it's possible to add support to give specific date/time values
> to 14all, but this would be limited:

I've managed to get it working by modifying the code, It will now accept 
seconds/minutes/hours/days/months and years, as well as unixtime stamps, It 
also now converts readable date/time input into unixtime stamps.

I've also got the zoom feature to work, same as cacti.

> You cannot get a "daily" graph for a
> day two months ago - the data isn't available anymore. rrdtool stores the
> data "consolidated", i.e. by reducing the time resolution for older data.
> For days long ago there is only one value per day in the rrd database.
> You  could change the rrd setup to store high resolution data for a
> longer time  period, making it possible to see a daily graph for a day a
> month ago, but  that increases the rrd file sizes (which shouldn't be a
> problem with  todays disks).

Your right, I've increased the sampling rate to match the poll time.

Thanks again for the reply's.



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