[mrtg] CPU Usage - Windows 2003 Server

Jason Williard jwilliard at pcsafe.com
Sat May 14 10:05:52 MEST 2005

I spent most of today working with several different methods of monitoring
the CPU usage on one of my Windows 2003 servers.  The most common method I
found is listed below.  However, I have been unable to get this to work at
all.  I am hoping that someone has some experience with this and could offer
some advice.

Current Configuration:
  YLegend[myhost.processorLoad]: % Utilization
  Options[myhost.processorLoad]: growright,gauge,integer
3&. at localhost
  MaxBytes[myhost.processorLoad]: 523444000
  Title[myhost.processorLoad]: my.host.domain: NT Processor Load
  ShortLegend[myhost.processorLoad]: %
  Legend1[myhost.processorLoad]: Proc Load in next minute
  Legend2[myhost.processorLoad]: Proc Load in next minute
  Legend3[myhost.processorLoad]: Maximal 5 Minute Proc Load
  Legend4[myhost.processorLoad]: Maximal 5 Minute Proc Load
  LegendI[myhost.processorLoad]:  Load:
  LegendO[myhost.processorLoad]:  Load:

The above results in an error because I have too many OIDs in the Target[].
The problem is, my server has 2 procs running hyperthreading so there are
virtually 4 processors to monitor.  If I drop the last two, it appears to
work but show 0 load.

Any ideas?

Thank You
Jason Williard
Systems Administrator
PCSafe, Inc.

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