[mrtg] rateup dies w/ MRTG as service on W2k

John Scott jscott at inovec.com
Fri Nov 18 19:45:39 MET 2005

I'd like to suggest the following addition to the How to Setup MRTG As a Windows Service section of doc/mrtg-nt-guide.html:

  Note that under the default config, MRTG as a service will 
  run under a different user than it did when you set it up as 
  an application.  That user will need Modify/Write permissions 
  for the work directory, and may also need additional permissions 
  to the mrtg and perl directory subtrees.  Alternately, you may  
  set the service to Log On As a different account.  Permissions 
  problems with the work directory can show in the logs as errors 
  with rateup.

The back story:

I've been running MRTG v2.9.29 as an app on Win2K for several years.  Recently decided to transform it into a service.  Tried first with FireDaemon, then when I ran into this error I downloaded MRTG v2.12.2.  Following its doc, I have gotten it configged & running standalone as a daemon, then tried to transform it into a service using srvany.exe.  Again I ran into the error below.

WARNING: rateup died from Signal 0
 with Exit Value 1 when doing router '<rtrIP>_4'
 Signal was 0, Returncode was 1

Rateup runs fine when passed the same input by MRTG when MRTG is running within perl or wperl as an app.  

When I scanned the archives of this list, I saw one thread that talked about rateup errors from file permissions problems with the log files.  I remembered that my file system permissions on that web server were locked down to a paranoid degree.  I finally solved my problem by adding Modify permissions for the SYSTEM security principal to the entire MRTG work (target) directory, and additional permissions on the mrtg and perl subtrees.

Thanks to all the contributors for making such a useful tool.

John Scott
Inovec, Inc.
Eugene, Oregon, USA

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