[mrtg] Lockfiles and program flow

Ruttenberg, Tanya Tanya.Ruttenberg at ssa.gov
Fri Oct 7 18:34:58 MEST 2005

I'm having trouble understanding a couple of things.  Here is a description
of my situation:

Mrtg 2.10.15 running on Sun V440 on Solaris 8 using rrdtool 1.0.50

15 instances of mrtg are running from cron once a minute at a 15 minute
interval. So there is an instance of mrtg starting every minute. 

Total number of targets almost 60,000

**Serious** I/O problems, which we are working on to resolve by adding
hardware, but in the meantime management wants us to try to "make it work"
on the 2 striped disks we have.

I'm trying to figure out whether each instance is completing within its 15
minutes of allotted time. 

Here are my observations/questions:

Two lockfiles are created, $lockfile and $templock. $templock disappears
early on--haven't figure out when exactly, but by the time the SNMP metrics
are being collected it seems to be gone.  Is this by design? $lockfile
disappears when "Remove lock files" shows up in log (with --debug=base) --
once the entire run has completed.

Once $templock disappears, it seems another instance of mrtg can start up
even though $lockfile is still hanging around.

I've gotten no errors from cron indicating that mrtg could not start up at
any time it was supposed to start though frequently $lockfile persists right
up until the next run and I suspect the previous run didn't complete.

How can I tell if my runs are completing in within 15 minutes? What is going
on here?

Tanya Ruttenberg - RSIS Contractor
tanya.ruttenberg at ssa.gov

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