[mrtg] Can 14all.cgi be easily configured/modified to use more than two CPUs?

Volk,Gregory B greg.volk at edwardjones.com
Thu Oct 27 20:36:52 MEST 2005

I recently upgraded my Solaris-on-Sparc system that I run
MRTG on from two CPUs to four CPUs. I got a nice (expected)
boost in polling capacity, but I did not get an increase
in 14all.cgi graphing performance. I wasn't sure if I 
would - I had noticed that while building large index pages,
there were never more than two copies of 14all.cgi running 
simultaneously. So what I'm wondering is if I can easily 
modify 14all.cgi to spawn four copies of itself now that I 
have four processors at my disposal, or are there other 
reasons why only two instances of 14all.cgi can exist at 
one time?

I did see the following reference to forking RRDs towards
the bottom...

>    if ($ENV{MOD_PERL}) {
>        # forking a RRDs child doesn't work with mod_perl
>        return (pack("C*", errorpng()), 'image/png');
>    }

...but that looks like graphs just won't be generated if 
mod_perl is in use (it is not in use on my apache 

I don't see any other references to forking or other 
multiprocess management in the 14all.cgi code, but there
are a lot of things going on in there that I don't quite
understand. Has anyone else looked into getting 14all.cgi
to spawn more than two copies of itself? Am I going down
the right path, or should I be investigating some apache
configuration variable?

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