[mrtg] Re: FW: Re: can someone explain "workdir" please?

Valdez, Timothy (AGR) TValdez at agr.wa.gov
Thu Sep 1 19:19:18 MEST 2005

Thank you all for your helpful responses, it is appreciated!

It appears to be working now. My bad - I forgot that the "Workdir:" setting
is hidden down at the bottom of the cfg file, and it was still pointing to a
different place other than the final web directory where the idx.html file
resides. I guess the later setting overrides the earlier one.

Unfortunately I lost all previous data collected, somehow, probably by all
my directory and file moving & renaming & deleting, etc. Oh well...

FWIW, I found a _very minor_ bug using the latest version, having to do with
where the quotes are placed:

In my idx.html source (I've replaced less-than/greater-than with "[]"):

[META NAME="Command-Line" CONTENT="indexmaker --enumerate
--output=c:\inetpub\wwwroot\mrtg\idx.html "--title=Server/Switch
Activity" "--subtitle=(click on graph for more detail)"
--show=day --columns=2 --nolegend C:\MyFiles\mrtg-2.12.2\bin\mrtg.cfg"]

Notice where the &quote; tag is placed, before the double dashes. It needs
to be after the equals sign. Same goes for the fake CSS comment code below
the Meta tags.

Thanks again for everyone's help!


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> From: Joseph Pierini [mailto:Joseph.Pierini at Marketlive.com] 
> Try running it from the command line in 
> Drive:\MRTG-2.x.x\bin\perl mrtg nameofconfig.cfg. This will 
> output errors to the console. You can troubleshoot further 
> from there. Please publish any errors to the group after 
> you've reviewed the docs first. Include your conf file with 
> the IP's masked so we can see if there's an issue there.
> Good luck!
> Joseph Pierini, CISSP | Mgr. of Security Eng & Compliance 
> MarketLive, Inc.
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> From: mrtg-bounce at list.ee.ethz.ch 
> [mailto:mrtg-bounce at list.ee.ethz.ch] On Behalf Of Anson Rinesmith
> Are you actually RUNNING mrtg on the cfg file you created? 
> Check the workdir for the log file and see if it is being updated.

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