[mrtg] Re: Suspicious memory usage (leak?) in MRTG 2.15.0

mrtglist at keithbergen.com mrtglist at keithbergen.com
Thu Dec 21 18:42:57 MET 2006

Correct. I am running in daemon mode, and ActivePerl There is
currently only the one target in my file. Also, it's Windows XP SP2. Since
there is no sensitive data in the file, I have pasted it here for your

# General parameters
EnableIPv6: no
RunAsDaemon: yes
Refresh: 300
Interval: 5

# Global

# Uploads directory Count Monitor parameters
Target[fld_cnt]: `C:\mrtg\RCD\2dircount.pl`
MaxBytes[fld_cnt]: 50
AbsMax[fld_cnt]: 200
Unscaled[fld_cnt]: dwym
Xsize[fld_cnt]: 600
YLegend[fld_cnt]: Number
ShortLegend[fld_cnt]: Folders
LegendI[fld_cnt]: Uploads Count 
LegendO[fld_cnt]: Graveyard Count 
Legend1[fld_cnt]: Uploads Count
Legend2[fld_cnt]: Graveyard Count
Timezone[fld_cnt]: Eastern
Options[fld_cnt]: gauge,nopercent,growright,noinfo,integer,nobanner,nolegend
Title[fld_cnt]: Uploads and Graveyard Folder Counts
PageTop[fld_cnt]: <H1>Uploads and Graveyard Folder Counts</H1>
  This site monitors snapshot counts of the number of folders within the
UploadsII and Graveyards folders to ensure that the uploads processes are
performing correctly and to show trends and volumes<P>
PageFoot[fld_cnt]: For further information contact <a
href="mailto:XXXXX at YYYYYYYY.com">EMAIL NAME</A>.
ThreshMaxO[fld_cnt]: 0
ThreshProgO[fld_cnt]: c:\mrtg\RCD\gy_bad.bat
ThreshProgOKO[fld_cnt]: c:\mrtg\RCD\gy_good.bat

HTMLDir: \\FAPSERVER\FOLDER$\Departments\Operations\Production\fld_cnt
LogDir: \\FAPSERVER\FOLDER$\Departments\Operations\Production\fld_cnt\logs

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> I just upgraded to 2.15.0 from 2.14.2, and have noticed no 
> increase in memory usage. Wperl.exe sat at about 9MB under 
> 2.14.2 and sits now at about 9MB under 2.15.0.

Just to verify, you're running in daemon mode right? 

What perl are you using? I'm using perl 5.8.8 from ActiveState (Binary
build 819 [267479] Built Aug 29 2006 12:42:41)

About how many targets are in your config file?

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