[mrtg] changes in snmp index

jeff dinisco dinisco at gmail.com
Fri Dec 29 00:17:11 MET 2006

Using interface by description, name, ip, or mac addr makes sense when a
device has changing snmp interface indexes.  My problem is similar but does
not apply to interfaces.  I'm querying a storage array, specifically the
traffic on a particular lun.  This target queries the lun I'm interested
Target[vol3.lun0]: lunReadBytes.1&lunWriteBytes.1:public at devicename

The issue arises when I add a new lun.  The index of my original lun is no
longer .1.  It's now .2 and my config file is polling a different lun.  A
walk of the lun tree reveals that there is a constant, much like name, ip,
or description, I just can't figure out how to implement it.  The mib
variable is "lunName".  It's value is the path to the lun on the storage
array which is constant.  Example - lunName.1 = STRING: "/vol/vol3/lun0".
Ideally, I could use a target like this...

lunReadBytes.#/vol/vol3/lun0&lunWriteBytes.#/vol/vol3/lun0:public at devicename

but MRTG will make no attempt to search "lunName" for the appropriate
index.  Is there a way around this issue other than writing a script to do
all the work.  If not, is it possible to find the proper index via a script
and pass the appropriate target to MRTG based on the results?  Thanks.

 - Jeff

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