[mrtg] mrtg reading from a flat file, time intervals & VoIP

Aisling O'Driscoll ashling.odriscoll at cit.ie
Thu Feb 16 13:37:25 MET 2006


I am new to MRTG and would just like to get clarification on a few
things before I delve ahead. I have a Voice over IP network and would
like to monitor the QoS for the end user. I have a java application
which using tethereal (a network sniffer) monitors RTCP packets to
obtain values for jitter, delay and packet loss. These values are
saved to a text file.

1) I would like to display these values in real time to the user.
Therefore I intend using MRTG. Now when I started reading about MRTG
I noted that it either works with SNMP or alternatively with a perl
script. So my question is, is it possible to get MRTG to read values
from a flat text file and would this need to be done with a perl
script or must the collection of the qos parameters also be done with
perl and not java? Any useful links would be appreciated.

2) I think I read somewhere that MRTG updates every 5 minutes and can
go down to 1 minute if using RRD (which I understand is a database) -
Correct me if I'm wrong on this. As voicemail calls may only last a
minute or two and these RTCP QoS packets are sent approximately every
5 seconds, is there any way to make MRTG update more frequently?

3) Has anyone ever come across scenarios where MRTG is used to
monitor VoIP networks?

Many thanks in advance for the advice,

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