[mrtg] Re: Problems with mrtg returning 0

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Mon Feb 20 18:20:59 MET 2006

>> Yes, you can use 'Gauge' at the options line. The disadvantage is that
your graphs are increasing all the time untill you reset the counter. The
result is an  >>impressive looking sawteeth graph.

So its not possible to say show total DHCP requests over the 5minutes, but
not ever increasing, such that in 5 minute invervals there were 3, 5, 1 then
4 requests. Is it not possible to show these on the graph as they are (e.g
not dividing by time) and without including the last result (like the
'Gauge' option).

Would it only be possible to do this with an external script?

Another question is what happens when a counter is reset upon reboot, i
rebooted just now and alot of graphs spiked to 32,000, is this because the
counter got reset to 0 and MRTG thought the counter had overflowed and
reset? Does it not check when the device was last booted and decided from

And have you had any experience with external scripts getting data from WMI,
its hellish slow, i just timed it and it took 45 seconds to run mrtg once,
and thats only 3 WMI scripts.

Sorry for all the questions, but you are being a great help :)


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> Thank you, that helps.
> So if I use the 'perminute' option it will divide it by the number of
minutes, not seconds. (E.g returned value - previous value/ number of
minutes passed), meaning the minimum value over 5 minutes needs to be 5 >
for it to show 1, else it will be 0?


> How will this then affect it when another copy of the graph is running on
the main server that gets more hits, will it break it?

It will not break, but the numbers will be 60 times higher as before. You
can even consider leaving the one wich is running fine as it is, and only
change the 3 machines with low rates.

> Is there anyway to show "total requests" over the 5 minutes, and not
"average requests" over time?

Yes, you can use 'Gauge' at the options line. The disadvantage is that your
graphs are increasing all the time untill you reset the counter. The result
is an impressive looking sawteeth graph. However from such a graph it is
difficult to read what is going on. I prefer the perminute or perhour
options over the gauge option in cases like this. But that is a personal
view. I can imagine situations where it is more important to impress the
boss than to produce empty graphs that tells you everything is as it should
be  ;-)



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