[mrtg] Monitoring Disks and filesystems space/usage

John Cushnie john at dallambarn.freeserve.co.uk
Thu Jan 26 09:55:18 MET 2006

Hi all,

I using MRTG to monitor the filesystems on a HP-Unix system.
I have MRTG up and running, and I have prototype entries in the cfg file for monitoring the filesystems.
I have created a host-template that discovers the file systems using the HP-UNIX.MIB definitions.
On the system being monitored this returns 18 filesystems with example data as below: 

--base: -- FileSystem ='18'
--base: FileSystemID1    ='1075052545'
--base: FileSystemID2    ='7'
--base: FileSystemName   ='/dev/lvol1'
--base: FileSystemBlock  ='23588864'
--base: FileSystemBfree  ='5869944'
--base: FileSystemBavail ='5824091'
--base: FileSystemBsize  ='8192'
--base: FileSystemFiles  ='1467584'
--base: FileSystemFfree  ='1467468'
--base: FileSystemDir    ='/FS_DATA'
--base: Writing c:/mrtg/mrtg/bin/mrtg__host-unix.cfg

>From this I've created entries in the cfg file as below for each filesystem, based on an example disk monitoring cfg entry I found on-line:

# HP Unix Disk Utilization. 
Target[]: at * 8192
YLegend[]: KBytes Used
Options[]: gauge, unknaszero, noo, growright
MaxBytes[]: 193239973888
ShortLegend[]: bytes
routers.cgi*ShortDesc[]: FileSystem /dev/lvol1:
bb*svc[]: volume
bb*red[]: 95%
bb*yellow[]: 92%
kilo[]: 1024
Legend1[]: FileSystem Used
Legend3[]: Max value per interval on graph
LegendI[]: FileSystem Used
WithPeak[]: ymw
Title[]: hp_sys
PageTop[]: <H1>/dev/lvol1 on HP_SYS -- Directory /FS_DATA</H1>
  <TR><TD>System:</TD><TD>HP_SYS </TD></TR>

This entry is intended to monitor the space used in the filesystem, based on the values of 
FileSystemBlock and FileSystemBfree
This entry produces the MRTG graphs but the results of this entry are not really what I am looking for.....

>From the HP-UNIX.MIB file the metric definitions are as follows:

fileSystemID1 "First file system ID."
fileSystemID2 "Second file system ID."
fileSystemName "Name of mounted file system."
fileSystemBlock "Total blocks in file system."
fileSystemBfree "Free blocks in file system."
fileSystemBavail "Free blocks avail to non-superuser."
fileSystemBsize "Fundamental file system block size."
fileSystemFiles "Total file nodes in file system."
 fileSystemFfree "Free file nodes in file system."
fileSystemDir "File system path prefix."

Ideally, I would like to monitor all the above metrics.
Does anyone have any example cfg entries I could use/modify to produce a better representation of the collected metrics/data for the filesystems, that can then slot into my template file?

(Ideally, I'm looking for a template file that handles the whole of the HP-UNIX.MIB, but I think that would be too easy...:-)...)

Any suggestions?

Many thanks

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