[mrtg] Re: Fixing max bandwidth for graph...

kelsey hudson khudson at tsss.org
Sat Jan 28 17:55:12 MET 2006

Rizwan Malik wrote:
> I've mrtg graphs which grows upward with data, 
> I need to know can I fix the max. upward(bandwidth) growth with respect to
> data.
> I want the graph to grow only with time but not with traffic. Traffic graph
> or bandwidth be fixed.

I think i speak for everyone when I say I don't think you're being 
entirely clear.  From what I gather, you have an interface which you are 
monitoring, correct? This graph keeps increasing over time such that you 
always have an increasing, and never decreasing graph, correct?

If this is the case, find the Options[sometarget]: line in your target 
descriptor or Options[_]: global descriptor and remove the 'gauge' 
keyword. Gauge graphs take an absolute number and graph it without doing 
forward extrapolation. That's not what you want when calculating 
traffic. Here's an example target for an Ethernet interface on a Cisco 

Target[chingadera-Fe0_0]: \FastEthernet0/0:XXXXX at chingadera:
MaxBytes[chingadera-Fe0_0]: 12500000
Title[chingadera-Fe0_0]: Traffic Analysis for FastEthernet0/0 -- chingadera
Options[chingadera-Fe0_0]: growright,bits,dorelpercent,printrouter,pngdate

Good luck. :)


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