[mrtg] Re: 10Gig Interface MaxBytes with Cfg

Geba, Scott Scott_Geba at cable.comcast.com
Fri Jul 14 17:42:37 MEST 2006

That I guess is my problem... with an SNMP walk I get this...

IF-MIB::ifSpeed.1 = Gauge32: 4294967295

I am walking a Cisco 7609. That is whats reported for all 10G and higher
(port channels) links. I am using 64bit counters in MRTG (I think...

That is also the MaxBytes that is put into MRTG... so apparently it's an
issue with the wrong reported information. 

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> Is there any way to have the 
> correct MaxBytes associated to them automatically without 
> having to go in and replace them in the cfg? 
> Quite a few of my 
> routers have port channels with 3 10GigE links in them, is 
> there a way to automate MaxBytes on these, or is find and 
> replace my friend? Thanks in advance! 

Cfgmaker should be getting this information from the ifSpeed variable
and automatically populating each target's MaxBytes directive. What
happens when you snmpwalk the interface table? Is the switch responding
back with the wrong information for ifSpeed?

Here's an example of a 4Gig portchannel (instance #19) from one of my

> ./snmpwalk -M ../mibs myrouter public interfaces | grep "19"

interfaces.ifTable.ifEntry.ifIndex.19 = 19

interfaces.ifTable.ifEntry.ifDescr.19 = Port-channel1

interfaces.ifTable.ifEntry.ifType.19 = propVirtual(53)

interfaces.ifTable.ifEntry.ifMtu.19 = 1500

interfaces.ifTable.ifEntry.ifSpeed.19 = Gauge: 4000000000

Notice the last line is the number which cfgmaker uses for Maxbytes.
This snmpwalk was from a cisco 6509 running 12.1(22)E1. I have had
trouble with cisco 72xx's misreporting ifSpeed for ATM interfaces, and
Marconi ATM switches are occasionally bad about ifspeed on OC-12

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