[mrtg] Re: 10Gig Interface MaxBytes with Cfg

Pavel Ruzicka pavouk at pavouk.org
Sat Jul 15 11:59:08 MEST 2006


In a Cisco WS-C6509 are 10Gbps interfaces named TenGigabitEthernet
and in a GSR are named GigabitEthernet.
Interface has default bandwidth 10000000 Kbit. This information is
provided via SNMP 64bit OIDs "ifHighSpeed", because "ifSpeed" is too
small. You can override bandwidth in a Cisco router with a command
Before few months there was bug in MRTG, that cfgmaker reads ifSpeed
instead of ifHighSpeed and Max speed was wrong. This was probably fixed
in a version 2.13.0 of MRTG. Read CHANGES file for details.
What version do you have?

For me it works perfectly with Cisco 6509 L3 switches and GSR routers.

Best regards,

Pavel Ruzicka

> So I got an answer that the routers don't like to give back the right
> info and the "bandwidth 10000000" command makes it work, which is
> upsetting... oh well, search and replace.
> A quick question on the subject though, I was just making a config and I
> did notice this...
> snmpget public at router:::::2:v4only for ifHighSpeed.57 -> 10000 Mb/s
> It appears that it sees the right bandwidth there... where does
> ifHighSpeed pull its info from? (on a show int the bw does state
> 10000000kbps, just snmp doesn't pull it back in the ifSpeed)
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> On 7/14/06, Geba, Scott <Scott_Geba at cable.comcast.com> wrote:
> > That I guess is my problem... with an SNMP walk I get this...
> >
> > IF-MIB::ifSpeed.1 = Gauge32: 4294967295
> >
> > I am walking a Cisco 7609. That is whats reported for all 10G and
> higher
> > (port channels) links. I am using 64bit counters in MRTG (I think...
> > x.x.x.x:::::2)
> >
> > That is also the MaxBytes that is put into MRTG... so apparently it's
> an
> > issue with the wrong reported information.
> I didn't see this mentioned so I'm going to ask.
> Do you have the bandwidth statement set on the interfaces or are you
> relying on IOS to determine that?  I've not run into a problem when I
> specify the bandwidth on the interface.
> Paul

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