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Is there a command line arguement you could pass to cfgmaker to have it do
interface errors for each interface?

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  Hi Scott,

  I've figured that much out.  You can specify by OID or by MIB Variable.
  example, for Interface In Errors and Interface Out Errors, it'd be like

  & at myrouter

  Target[myrouter]: ifInErrors.1&ifOutErrors.1:public at myrouter

 I would think the following would work fine but I haven't tested it.

Target[myrouter.errors]: ifInErrors.1&ifOutErrors.1:public at myrouter
Title[myrouter.errors]: Interface Errors
PageTop[ myrouter.errors]: <H1>Interface Errors</H1>
MaxBytes[myrouter.errors]: 5000
YLegend[myrouter.errors]: Input Errors
LegendI[myrouter.errors]: In
LegendO[myrouter.errors ]:
Legend1[myrouter.errors]: Output Errors

What I would do is edit the default octect target and change it to be the
above target.  That should be fairly failsafe.


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