[mrtg] Re: monitoring port on a 3com SuperStack II 3300 24 Port Switch

enediel gonzalez enediel at hotmail.com
Wed Mar 8 17:28:18 MET 2006

Thanks for the answer

>From: "Peter Glanville" <peter_glanville at cuk.canon.co.uk>
>To: "enediel gonzalez" <enediel at hotmail.com>
>Subject: Re: [mrtg] monitoring port on a 3com SuperStack II 3300 24 Port 
>Date: Wed, 8 Mar 2006 08:31:07 +0000
>Port 2 on Unit 1 is interface 102, so you could just use:
>Target[]: 102:public at

I tried with this configuration

Target[]: 102:public at
MaxBytes[]: 10485760
Options[]: growright, bits, nobanner, nolegend, 
Title[]: PORT 07 @ 3com
PageTop[]: <H1>PORT 02 @ 3com - </H1>
YLegend[]: Utilisation
LegendI[]: Entrée
LegendO[]: Sortie
Legend1[]: Entrée Bits
Legend2[]: Sortie Bits
Legend3[]: ENTREE max (par graph)
Legend4[]: SORTIE max (par graph)
WithPeak[]: ymw

an this is the result I got on mrtg.log
ERROR: Target[][_IN_] ' $target->[1]{$mode} ' did not 
eval into defined data
ERROR: Target[][_OUT_] ' $target->[1]{$mode} ' did 
not eval into defined data


Linux user 300141
Debian GNU/Linux

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>         Subject:        [mrtg] monitoring port on a 3com SuperStack II 
>3300 24 Port Switch
>   I need to monitor the traffic on a port of a 3com SuperStack II 3300 24
>Port Switch, I have problems on the target declaration
>The interface description for example (for the port 2 is the following)
>   RMON:10/100 Port 2 on Unit 1
>on the target definition  I declared
>Target[]: \RMON:10/100\ Port\ 2\ on\ Unit\
>1:public at
>It doesn't work, for another model of 3com switches I have the following
>declaration working.
>Target[]: \RMON\ Port\ 1\ on\ unit\
>1:public at
>Thanks in advance for any help to find out my mistake.
>Linux user 300141
>Debian GNU/Linux

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