[mrtg] Getting data in MRTG/RRD without direct commands or SNMP

Brian Granier briang at zebec.net
Mon Nov 6 18:53:26 MET 2006

I'm working on a project to publish some data that is being captured
onto a web site. I already extensively use MRTG/RRDTool. However, the
data capture I'm working on is with a proprietary protocol using a
specific application supplied by the vendor on a Windows based
front-end. The good news is after I've obtained the data, I can do
anything I want with it and I have some programming resources available
to get the goal accomplished. 

There's many ways to accomplish this, but I wanted to throw this out
there and see what thoughts people have. Here's my constraints:

My primary MRTG/RRDTool server is running on a dedicated Linux box. In
the future I plan to migrate it to a new system running Cacti on the

The application that has access to the information points (Opto 22
modules for those interested) runs on a windows system. 

Possibilities I am investigating:

I've tried to find a way to directly query the information with SNMP or
with some command line method on a Linux system, but have been unable to
do so, so a direct feed of the information does not appear to be
available. I have opened a support call with the device manufacturer and
I am investigating that approach.

The developer who manages the Windows System vastly prefers SQL so if I
can make MRTG/RRDTool read from there, it would probably be ideal, but I
haven't been able to find anything stating how to do this. I have talked
to him about whether he can provide any command line executeable that I
can pass parameters to that will yield the answer. He did not seem to
feel confident he could do so, but he is investigating this. If he can,
then I can probably work out some method to get a direct feed into

Worst case scenario, I can work to understand the xml format used for
rrdtool restor and jerry rig it that way, but I anticipate this will be

Does anyone have suggestions?

T. Brian Granier
GIAC, CCSE, MCSE, etc... 
Information Security Architect 
Zebec Data Systems, Inc

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