[mrtg] Re: CPU Utilization

Steve Shipway s.shipway at auckland.ac.nz
Wed Nov 29 22:06:09 MET 2006

> Target[machine]:
g at machine:
> Options[machine]: gauge,noinfo,absolute

I think you probably do not want the 'absolute' option.  Also, from the
Title line, it looks like you should have 'noo' in there as well.

> Title[machine]: CPU busy percentage
> YLegend[machine]: CPU busy %
> LegendI[machine]:  Processes 
> LegendO[machine]:
> Legend1[machine]: Processes 

You probably have set the LegendI and Legend1 incorrectly?  Also, MRTG
doesn't like a blank LegendO.  Just omit the line entirely.

> 1- On Y-Axis it is showing me 'no. of processes' and the 
> value of graphs
> go above 100. I want CPU utilization there & it can't be more 
> than 100%.

>From the cfg file snippet above, I would guess that you have multiple
lines starting 'YLegend[machine]:'.  Each target shoud have a different
tag, eg use 'Target[machine-cpu]' and similar for the other lines
relating to the CPU target.

You can also add a 'AbsMax' line (see the MRTG manual) if you want to
make sure 100 is the definite maximum.

> 2- In graph it shows 'Maximal Processes 126.720 (15.84%)'. I want
> '15.84%' on my graph, rather than 126.720. 

If you are suing routers2 as your frontend, you can get this by having
the 'aspercent' option.  I'm not sure with native MRTG.

> 3- If it is not getting no. of processes than how come it can 
> calculate it? i.e. 126.720.

Probably this is just your labels getting mixed up and confusing you.


Steve Shipway
ITSS, University of Auckland 
(09) 3737 599 x 86487
s.shipway at auckland.ac.nz

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