[mrtg] IOS modularity memory stats?

McDonald, Dan Dan.McDonald at austinenergy.com
Mon Oct 16 14:03:37 MEST 2006

The Cisco Catalyst 6500 series now supports Cisco Modularity images,
starting with IOS 12.2.18SXF3.  I put up my first one this weekend,
running 12.2.18SXF6, and my old template for memory stats no longer
Here is a chunk of the host-template I use for all of my routers running
snmp v3:

my (@temp) = snmpwalk($router,$v3opt,'ciscoMemoryPoolName');
foreach my $tempi(@temp) {
        $tempi =~ /(\d+):(.+)/;
        my $instance=$1;
        next if $2 !~ /Processor/;
        my ($used, $free) = snmpget($router,
        my $target_name=$router_name.".memory";
        my $maxsize = $used+$free;
        $target_lines .= <<DISK
# Memory Utilization
SnmpOptions[$target_name]: $v3options
YLegend[$target_name]: Bytes Free
Options[$target_name]: gauge, unknaszero
Directory[$target_name]: $directory_name
MaxBytes[$target_name]: $maxsize
ShortLegend[$target_name]: bytes
routers.cgi*ShortDesc[$target_name]: Memory
routers.cgi*Options[$target_name]: nototal
bb*host[$target_name]: $router_name
bb*svc[$target_name]: memory
bb*red[$target_name]: 5%:99%
bb*yellow[$target_name]: 7%:98%
Legend1[$target_name]: Free Mem
Legend2[$target_name]: Largest Block
LegendI[$target_name]: Free
LegendO[$target_name]: Block
WithPeak[$target_name]: ymw
Title[$target_name]: $sysname
PageTop[$target_name]: <H1>Memory on $sysname/H1>
   <TR><TD>System:</TD><TD>$sysname  </TD></TR>
   <TR><TD>Location:</TD><TD>$syslocation </TD></TR>

But, the largestFree is now larger than the total reported memory, which
results in largest block being discarded (larger than maxbytes)

[mcdonalddj at ldap ~]$ snmpwalk -v 3 -l authpriv -x des -X <elided> -a sha
-A <elided> -u public ecc-net-yellow ciscoMemoryPoolTable -m
CISCO-MEMORY-POOL-MIB::ciscoMemoryPoolName.1 "Processor"
CISCO-MEMORY-POOL-MIB::ciscoMemoryPoolName.2 "I/O"
CISCO-MEMORY-POOL-MIB::ciscoMemoryPoolAlternate.1 0
CISCO-MEMORY-POOL-MIB::ciscoMemoryPoolAlternate.2 0
CISCO-MEMORY-POOL-MIB::ciscoMemoryPoolValid.1 1
CISCO-MEMORY-POOL-MIB::ciscoMemoryPoolValid.2 1
CISCO-MEMORY-POOL-MIB::ciscoMemoryPoolUsed.1 51457016
CISCO-MEMORY-POOL-MIB::ciscoMemoryPoolUsed.2 4584928
CISCO-MEMORY-POOL-MIB::ciscoMemoryPoolFree.1 15651880
CISCO-MEMORY-POOL-MIB::ciscoMemoryPoolFree.2 28969504
CISCO-MEMORY-POOL-MIB::ciscoMemoryPoolLargestFree.1 1531748000
CISCO-MEMORY-POOL-MIB::ciscoMemoryPoolLargestFree.2 28969464

and none of it seems to match the report from the IOS commands:
ecc-net-yellow#sh mem
System Memory: 1048576K total, 300608K used, 747968K free, 1000K kernel
Lowest(b)    : 756617216
ecc-net-yellow#remote command switch show mem

System Memory: 1048576K total, 252080K used, 796496K free, 1000K kernel
Lowest(b)    : 815546368

Before I open a case with Cisco on this, anyone have any words of wisdom
for me?

Daniel J McDonald, CCIE # 2495, CISSP # 78281, CNX
Austin Energy

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