[mrtg] Re: traffic on particular port

Johannes Prost Johannes at yorktondigital.ca
Fri Oct 27 00:37:59 MEST 2006

Am 27 Oct 2006 um 11:17 hat Steve Shipway geschrieben:

> > Target[web-80]: 80:community at
> > MaxBytes[web-80]: 12500000
> > Options[web-80]: growright, bits, integer, nobanner
> ...
> > snmpget problem for ifinoctets.80ifoutoctets.80 sysuptime sysname on 
> > community at
> > 
> You are confusuing the TCP port number (eg: web goes through TCP/80 by
> convention) with the device interface number (eg: your first interface
> is usually 1, second is 2, etc).  This confusion is probably due to the
> fact that, if the device in question is a switch, people will often call
> the interfaces 'ports'.  This is referring to the *physical* port, not
> the *TCP* port.
> MRTG in this syntax takes the number as the interface number.  Your
> device probably does not have an interface number 80, so you get the
> error.
This is indeed correct. As I looked over the documentation of mrtg, a 
snipped here

Now lets look at a config file to monitor what we wanted to on our 
mythical Cisco Cat 5000 -- utilization on ports 3, 5, 10, and 24, and 
the CPU Load, which will show us nonstandard mrtg configurations as 
well as more options..

I was in the believe talking about the TCP ports. Would be too easy 
to be true :):)
Thank's for the clarification


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