[mrtg] Re: MRTG and ExtremeNetworks 1G/10G switches?

Jan Wagner jwagner at kurp.hut.fi
Mon Sep 11 07:17:47 MEST 2006


On Mon, 11 Sep 2006, Pavel Ruzicka wrote:
> > anyone gotten MRTG to work properly in displaying traffic statistics
> > of ExtremeNetworks switches?
> No, but it works perfectly on a Cisco routers and switches.
> > I was trying it with Summit X450 over snmp v2c and v3, but resulting
> > Mbit/s rates are completely wrong. But maybe someone managed to get it to
> > work?
> Maybe you have not enabled SNMPv2 and 64bit gauges in a MRTG.
> You can add ":::::2" on end of target like this:
> -------------------------------------------------
> Target[router.isp.cz_GigabitEthernet14_0_0]:
> \GigabitEthernet14/0/0:community at router.isp.cz:::::2
> -------------------------------------------------
> If you use cfgmaker, you can add this option to cfgmaker:
> --snmp-options=:::::2

I tried both

 /usr/bin/cfgmaker public at xx.xx.xx.xx --snmp-options=:::::3
 /usr/bin/cfgmaker public at xx.xx.xx.xx --snmp-options=:::::2

with xx.xx.xx the IP of course, but the resulting targets in the config
lack the :::::2 so it doesn't seem to work or cfgmaker doesn't "get" that
option. Also, doing a

snmpwalk -v3 -u ..user.. -x DES -A ..pass.. -X ..pass.. xx.xx.xx.xx -l

results in only Counter32 values for the interfaces:

IF-MIB::ifInOctets.1010 = Counter32: 954311571
IF-MIB::ifInOctets.1011 = Counter32: 0
IF-MIB::ifInOctets.1012 = Counter32: 1521856600
IF-MIB::ifInOctets.1013 = Counter32: 3260201822
IF-MIB::ifInOctets.1014 = Counter32: 551076123


I also tried mrtg-rrd and Interval=1 but still graphs were incorrect.

The I installed Cacti which is also using rrdtool, and for some strange
reason the traffic graphs there are 100% correct.

 - Jan

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