[mrtg] MRTG showing incoming data during time when PC is shutoff

William Owen William.Owen at profilesmail.com
Tue Apr 3 15:46:14 CEST 2007

If you are not sold on MRTG handling your data logging, you could switch
to RRDTool and use Routers2 as a front-end.  It can grey out any unknown
data points so there is no confusion about 0, unknown and last known.

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On 4/3/07, john <lists at cloned.org.uk> wrote:
> unknaszero
>      Log unknown data as zero instead of the default behaviour of
> the last value seen. Be careful with this, often a flat line in the
> is much more obvious than a line at 0.

OK, I'm in office right now, will try these suggestions when I get
home again. But what does the obviousness of a flat line have to do
with anything? I mean, I'm trying to make sense of that sentence.

> > And about my second problem? It seems like MRTG has now latched onto
> > eth1 and the same behavior is being replicated there! Funnily, I'm
> > eth0 for connecting to the net. My setup is in a mess!
> Your interface order may be different, but the way you are referencing
> them in the target is for example 2:community at localhost, so its
> for the second interface which may now not be the same as when you set
> up.
> If you look at the reference page I linked above, there are different
> to reference the interface. You can do it by IP, MAC, description and
> a few others. That might help you get a more static reference to the
> relevant card your trying to measure.

This option sounds hopeful "--ifref=ip" for running with cfgmaker.

Will try these and get back ASAP.
Rohit V. Bhute

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