[mrtg] ifindex persistence & windows servers

Castle, Shane scastle at co.boulder.co.us
Mon Apr 23 21:56:03 CEST 2007

Use --ifref=ip or use the "/" separation character in the config file.
This will cause MRTG to match up using the IP address rather than the
interface index.  Windows uses way goofy index numbers as it is.

This may require you to redo your entire MRTG setup.

Shane Castle

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I am monitoring servers in a production environment, many of which have
multiple NICs and the issue is this -

The NIC's ifindex will not persist. How do I get around this??? This
keeps messing up my MRTG config and the resulting graphs are skewed....

I know Cisco incorporated ifindex persistence, but has anyone discovered
a way to make this happen in WinBlows or to otherwise circumnavigate
this little problem?



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