[mrtg] Nagios and MRTG: together at last?

Kelly Jones kelly.terry.jones at gmail.com
Sat Aug 11 04:41:03 CEST 2007

Nagios and MRTG seem to perform similar (though not identical)
functions, and it seems silly to run both.

MRTG gets a stream of (real) numbers from a source and graphs them.

Nagios runs tests to get a (natural) number between 0 and 3, and takes
action if the number is non-0.

It seems like you could combine these. Example: monitor and graph disk
space usage; if usage over 90%, warn; if usage over 95%, critical.

Has anyone integrated Nagios and MRTG (seems silly to get the same
data twice: once to graph it + once to check it).

I know about check_mrtg + I realize there's not a 100% match here
(some tests are purely binary, and graphing them would be dull), but
it still seems like a good idea in general?

We're just a Bunch Of Regular Guys, a collective group that's trying
to understand and assimilate technology. We feel that resistance to
new ideas and technology is unwise and ultimately futile.

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