[mrtg] Displaying period-aggregate traffic

Dan mrtg at dandoore.com
Thu Aug 16 21:38:44 CEST 2007

Geoff Powell wrote:
> Since my ISP has recently imposed a "Fair Use Policy" limit of 60GB, on
> a rolling 30 day average, on my "up to 8Mbit/sec" ADSL connection (which
> has a data sync rate of 7616kbit/sec) I would like to display, in real-
> time, aggregate traffic for that same period.

If you use Routers2 as your front end 
(http://www.steveshipway.org/software/) then you'll get that out of the 
box on the monthly view like this:

ADSL Interface
Last update: Thu Aug 16 20:17:02 2007
Maximum: 8 Mbps
In Max 2.47 M, Avg 4.25 k, Last 76.94 k
Out Max 176.41 k, Avg 574.75 , Last 2.31 k
	In	Out
Total over rolling last month:	398.80 Mbytes	59.35 Mbytes

> I have MRTG running with rateup not RRDTool, and monitoring my ADSL
> router, and that is all working fine.

Ah, you'd have to convert to RRD but that's completely painless as the 
first time it runs it will import the rateup data and if you don't like 
it  then just remove the LogFormat: and it'll go back to the untouched 
rateup data files.


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