[mrtg] blanc graphs with external values

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When leaving out the 'Gauge' option MRTG will treat the polled figure as a rate per second.
I know you started with this, and had no visible graph. 
So I suspect the figure you get from your script is less then 300 per 5 minutes (i.e. 1 per second). MRTG rounds this down to 0 per second.
To graph low rates you can use the 'PerMinute' or "PerHour' option.

To avoid confusion when using these options you probably also have to change the legend below and beside the graphs.
See http://oss.oetiker.ch/mrtg/doc/mrtg-reference.en.html for details



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I added the gauge value and I got start having a graph; however, teh graph I got is an line that always goes up. It is a counter the values I need to graph,  its a values that goes allways up until the system is reseted or the maxvalue is reached. 

How can I tell mrtg that the values are effectively a counter??



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On Fri, 2007-12-07 at 15:38 -0600, Alvaro Cornejo wrote:
> Hi
> I'm starting using mrtg and have a php script that feeds some values
> to mrtg in order to graph them. however I do get an empty graph. ie 
> only the grid and labels are shown. For other targets I have I use 
> mrtg-ping-probe and I they work ok.

This looks like guage-type data.  Did you set 

options[srv1.txrx] guage 

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