[mrtg] help, my rrdtool monthly graph is two weeks

Max Max.mrtg at deltal.org
Tue Dec 11 03:08:15 CET 2007

Hi Paul,

The problem is that the X axis of the month graph should be long enough 
to list a months worth of data, approx 30 days, but X axis is only two 
weeks long, not four :(

I'm happy with the actual data on the month graph, I just want it to 
have enough room on the X axis to fit a whole month on to it.

The '2 days' graph has S scale of 2 days, the '1 week' graph has a scale 
of one week, even though there isn't enough data yet, the '1 year' graph 
has a X axis scale large enough for an entire year. It is just for some 
reason that the X axis of the '1 month' graph is only long enough for 
two weeks if you see the problem :(

I think it may be the scales of data I am storing, but aren't sure :(


MrPaul wrote:
> I'm looking at your graph right now and I see the weekly starting around 
> midday on Sunday.  The monthly graph starts around the same time.  Don't 
> see an issue.
> Paul
> On Dec 10, 2007 6:53 PM, Max <Max.mrtg at deltal.org 
> <mailto:Max.mrtg at deltal.org>> wrote:
>     I can't seem to make the one month graph look right. For some reason it
>     only seems to have two weeks on the X axies.

>     Thank you for any assistance in solving what is probably a simple
>     mistake on my behalf.

>     link:>
>     http://corporateturtles.com/tmp/200712091810/

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