[mrtg] Disk IO on Debian with MRTG

Brent Atkerson brent at quadaenterprises.com
Thu Dec 13 19:00:08 CET 2007

I am trying to monitor disk IO (in either bytes or blocks, anything right now).  I have scoured the web on several different occasions and have not come up with much.  I do now have a script that when run will give me some information but I cannot get MRTG to graph it.  I am guess I do not have my mrtg.cfg setup correctly to accept the output of the script.  
The script I have found on the Internet:
uptime=`uptime | awk '{print $3}'`
uptime="$uptime days"

# default to hdiska's line.
blck_in=`iostat -d | grep $tag | awk '{ print $5 }'`
blck_out=`iostat -d | grep $tag | awk '{ print $6 }'`
echo $blck_in
echo $blck_out
echo $uptime
echo $hostname

When just running the script from the command line, I get some information.  If I keep running the script the information changes so I assume it is blocks in and out...

My relative mrtg.cfg section:

Target[diskhda]: `/home/quadaent/mrtg/diskhda.sh`
MaxBytes[diskhda]: 500
LegendI[diskhda]: blck_in :
LegendO[diskhda]: blck_out :
Options[diskhda]: gauge,noinfo,nopercent,growright,unknaszero
YLegend[diskhda]: blocks
ShortLegend[diskhda]: IO/Sec
Title[diskhda]: server uptime
PageTop[diskhda]: <h1>Disk IO</h1>
# Legend1[diskhda]: IO/Sec
# Colours[diskhda]: LIGHT BLUE#7AAFFF,BLUE#1000FF,DARK GREEN#006000,VIOLET#FF00FF

Could someone help me please?  Seems this would be a common thing to want to track but there is very little available from what I have found (same thing for exim unfortunately).

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