[mrtg] Plotting multiple values in same graph

Steve Shipway s.shipway at auckland.ac.nz
Wed Dec 19 00:46:35 CET 2007

> 1. Bandwidth configured on Cisco interface. For example currently I
> total usage (in and out in bits / sec, I want to see a line in same
> graph how much bandwidth is available.
> 2. In same graph I want to plot a line for threshold configured. For
> example I want to threshold to 80 % of total allocated bandwidth. So I
> should see a threshold line.

Surely this is just (maxbandwidth-actualvalue) - so, if your normal
graph gives you a red 'max' line and the actual values, you're just
trying to see the same graph only upside-down?  You can achieve this by
using a calculation on the Target line -
  Target[x]: 125000 - n:community at device
  MaxBytes[x]: 125000

If you are using the routers2 frontend, you get this already.  Define a
Threshold using ThreshMaxI[x]:80% (for example) and it will appear on
the graph as a horizontal line.  There is no way to do it using native
MRTG that I know of (although I may be out of date)

Or, am I misunderstanding you, and you want to have one line for
(in+out)?  If so, this is still possible using the method above although
you'd need a more complex Target definition line.


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