[mrtg] use mrtg to report utilization of IP address range

Perry, Duane PerryD at missouri.edu
Thu Feb 1 15:18:50 CET 2007

We tried to get the same information you are looking for and found that
even RMON cannot gather that kind of statistic.  You need a box that
does IPFIX or NETFLOW to break things down by address.  Some routers can
do NETFLOW but you then need another software package to collect and
display those stats.  We use NFCAP.  Do some searches on those names and
you can find products that will do what you want.  Some of the software
is free but you may need a server to store the data.  NETFLOW samples
the data and keeps a database that can report on traffic by address,
protocol or filtered by other parameters.


Duane Perry

University of Missouri




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Hi list,

is it possible to make mrtg report the traffic of certain IP address
range instead of interface utilization? If so, how can it be done?

Many thanks

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