[mrtg] help regarding cfgmaker

Gaurav Ghimire gaurav at subisu.net.np
Sun Feb 4 13:42:57 CET 2007

Manoj Rajkarnikar wrote:
> On Fri, 2 Feb 2007, Gaurav Ghimire wrote:
>> Thannx for your concern and help Mr. Manoj but now I would have gone for
>> cfgmaker and indexmaker but now i got another problem whenever I try to
>> snmpget or snmpwalk in my localhost I get a Timeout:No response from
>> localhost message, I flushed my firewalls and did to the far of my
>> knowledge but still no goodie goodie thing happens. What to do please
>> help.
> do you have a daemon listening on snmp port localhost ?? which ??
Yes I do have port  199 listening.....if the daemon hasnot been 
listening than it will when i issue service snmpd start rite?? and ya 
when i issued chmod a+x /path/to/cfgmaker it didn't make a executable 
from the script.



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