[mrtg] Could use some experiences

Ray Kopp Rjkopp at syr.edu
Thu Feb 8 16:24:45 CET 2007

   We are getting ready to install a production level of MRTG and
we are getting ready to consider the machine we'll run this on and
the size of memory we need and the disk space.

We currently have mrtg setup on an intel machine running on BSD
Unix.  We are currently monitoring 4 heavily loaded core routers, that

have about 200 class B subnets among them, as well as our
Internet Edge Routers and a couple of remote routers with only
a couple of interfaces on each.

Our network has around 20,000 nodes on it and we have 2 different
200 Gig feeds to two different ISPs, which if we didn't use traffic
would be overloaded.

Each subnet also would have at least one, sometimes more aggregator
switches which are located throughout the campus in the individual
buildings to feed the occupants of those buildings.  Usually there
are one to many edge user switches for each floor that feeds into those

aggregator switches.

Our current configuration is useful to us, but we haven't ruled out
someday expanding to also bring those aggregator switches into
the mix, if not permanently then on a temporary basis to study traffic
flows and remedy problems that may come on a per subnet basis.

I'd like to hear of people's environment, the numbers and types of
switches and routers they monitor and what they run MRTG on,
the type of machine, the size of memory and of disk space they
have alloted to the application. Also if you monitor your core, or
further out, and reasons why you have or have not.

Ray Kopp
Syracuse University, 
NSM, Network Design & Development
rjkopp at syr.edu 
215 Machinery Hall
Syracuse, New York 13244

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