[mrtg] Cfgmaker inconsistencies

Neal Smith neal.smith at breakthru.biz
Wed Feb 21 17:13:13 CET 2007

	I upgraded to the latest version of MRTG in January and see  
inconsistencies in using cfgmaker.  My routers (Secure Computing SG  
series) are set to allow SNMP and work when I run cfgmaker  
individually, but when I string them together to generate a single  
config file it fails intermittently on a few of the routers and never  
gets the last one in the list.   The error it reports is: "SNMPWALK  
Problem for on snmpuser at xx.xxx.xxx.xx::::::v4only
at /usr/local/mrtg-2/bin/cfgmaker line 915 WARNING: Skipping  
snmpuser at xx.xxx.xxx.xx: as no info could be retrieved"

Any suggestions to get this running would be appreciated.  I had no  
trouble on older versions getting 15 routers set up, but this seems  
to be choking on 5 or less.



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