[mrtg] Minimum Y-Axis

Anson Rinesmith arinesmith at bigrivertelephone.com
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How funny that you actually mention voltage, as that is the example directly
from the mrtg-reference documentation.


The Options Keyword allows you to set some boolean switches:


The expscale option causes rateup to display the data with the Y axis scaled
exponentially. Doing so emphasizes small changes at the top of the scale;
this can be useful when graphing values that fluctuate by a small amount
near the top of the scale, such as line voltage.



Options[myrouter]: expscale




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Sorry if this question has been answered, I am looking for a way to scale my
minimum Y-Axis.  For example, I am monitoring input voltage which averages
around 280, but never falls below 250.  I would like my Y-Axis to be
250-300, so I can clearly see the peaks and valleys. 


Thanks in advance.

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