[mrtg] MRTG not graphing correctly

Jeff M. Rohr jrohr at ZINTL.COM
Tue Jan 23 17:19:06 MET 2007

Newbie to MRTG. I have it up and working for network statistics and its
great!  Now I'm trying to manually configure a MRTG file and having a
problem.  I'm pulling data from an AVTECH Room Alert (environment
monitor) to get temperature readings, but nothing is being graphed. At
first it graphed some very small values from 0 to 8 then after deleting
the original image files nothing will graph.  I created the file below,
ran indexmaker and added a cron job to run it every 5 min.  I'm able to
do a snmpget on the same OID's below which do return values.
Additionally, when using debug ("cfg,snpo,log") I can see that MRTG is
returning the same values as the snmpget, but still not graphing
correctly.  Any advice?


# File: /var/www/mrtg/cfg/mrtgRA.cfg
# Configuration file for Room Alert statistics
# Global Config Options

LoadMIBs: /usr/local/groundwork/include/net-snmp/MIB/ROOMALERT7E.MIB
workdir: /usr/local/groundwork/apache2/htdocs/mrtgRA

# Temp Monitoring

Size[roomalert]: 600
YSize[roomalert]: 200

Title[roomalert]: Room Alert
PageTop[roomalert]: < H1 >Detailed Statistics For Room Alert < /H1 >
MaxBytes[roomalert]: 120
ShortLegend[roomalert]: Temp in F
YLegend[roomalert]: Temperature in Fahrenheit
Legend1[roomalert]: Temperature Sensor 1 (Internal)
Legend2[roomalert]: Temperature Sensor 2 (External)
LegendI[roomalert]: Temp
LegendO[roomalert]: Temp
options[roomalert]: growright,nopercent,gauge,integer
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