[mrtg] Re: Handling successive counter rollovers

Ed LaFrance Ed.LaFrance at newmediaems.com
Mon Jan 8 18:23:57 MET 2007

Hello Duane -
That does return a value, but that is not the OID for the highspeed 
counters. When run with the correct OID, I get:

perl ~/scripts/snmpget.pl -v2c -c public = noSuchInstance: noSuchInstance

...and when I run cfgmaker with snmp v2 specified on the command 
line, I get this message for all ports:

--base: snmpget public at for ifHighSpeed.24 
-> 1000 Mb/s
--base: snmpget public at for ifHCInOctets.24 ->
--base: check for HighspeedCounters failed ... Dropping back to V1

...so that leads me to believe that 64bit counters are not available.


At 05:44 AM 1/8/2007, Perry, Duane wrote:
>I have some older equipment that will not do SNMP v2 but almost 
>everything less than 5 years old will do v2.  Test it by issuing:
>snmpget -v2c -c community xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx .

>Substituting your community, ip address and port of course.  If it 
>works, just add the :::::2 on the end of your Target line and no 
>more rollovers until terabit comes along.
>Duane Perry
>University of Missouri
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>Hello all -
>I am running mrtg 2.15.0 on linux, monitoring various ports on a Gpbs
>managed switch. I've run into an issue on the uplink port, which has
>the most traffic. The Octet counters are not 64 bit, and with a
>5-minute polling interval, it appears that multiple successive
>counter rollovers can happening in between mrtg runs. In other words
>OutOctets will roll over before a data capture, then run all the way
>up and roll over again *before* the next data capture, and so on -
>sometimes this will happen several times in succession, and the
>result is artificially low traffic reports on that interface. I've
>verified this by capturing the Octets out on that particular
>interface at one minute intervals to a log file - note the counter
>has reset by every fifth capture almost like clockwork:
> = Counter: 275615047
> = Counter: 1099703953
> = Counter: 1977232053
> = Counter: 2938038189
> = Counter: 3871828929
> = Counter: 425011425
> = Counter: 1217557647
> = Counter: 2024459227
> = Counter: 2896359311
> = Counter: 3803224615
> = Counter: 384017160
> = Counter: 1265435349
> = Counter: 2157523201
> = Counter: 2885065373
> = Counter: 3742325451
> = Counter: 210382955
>I am trying a test right now in which mrtg is config'ed for the
>default nominal interval of 5 minutes, but I am actually capturing
>data every 3 minutes to avoid the successive rollovers. It seems to
>be working when I compare it to the data from my provider (who
>monitors their side of the uplink), but I suspect that this is not
>the proper way to handle things - is it? I realize that as traffic
>goes up, I'll have to increase the capture frequency further. I know
>the mrtg logfile contains a timestamp for each actual capture, so I
>guess I'm asking if my solution is 'legal'. I've been using 95.pl
>with mrtg and I want to continue doing this, so going to a different
>monitoring tool is not desired.
>Thanks in advance!
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