[mrtg] Does the mrtg program uses indexmaker? (Re: changing background of graphs using --bodyopt)

Mark Jayson R. Alvarez mark.a at pacific.net.ph
Thu Jan 11 02:43:39 MET 2007


I was following this thread:


My boss wants me to change the background of all the mrtg graphs into black. 
The reason, well mrtg traffic graphs (green,blue) looks more noticeable from 
far away.
The thread says it cannot be changed but I can have it set to transparent by 
specifying "transparent" in my cfg file. And so i tried it. Next I will have 
to change the background of the html that was created when running "mrtg 
myconfig.cfg". So I changed it to "#000000" instead of "#ffffff". And now 
everthing worked according what I want. But to my surprise, after 5 minutes 
when mrtg runs through myconfig.cfg again, it recreates the html and revert 
it back to bgcolor="#ffffff"

I investigate further into the mrtg docs and learned about the indexmaker.
I tried running it and it was able to create a custom html for me.
The graph on the html is linked to the other graphs (daily, weekly, monthly)

Now in our NOC our mrtg monitoring has been customized by previous admins.
I'm not that good in perl but in their program which displays the graphs, they 
have a line:

use lib qw(/usr/local/mrtg/lib/mrtg2);

on top, and it is the location of MRTG_lib.pm..

So I'm guessing the program does the same thing like when running "mrtg 
myconfig.cfg", meaning reading the rrds manually.

If this is the case, does mrtg or MRTG_lib.pm uses indexmaker so that I can 
put something let's say --bodyopt 'bgcolor="#000000" ?

I tried understanding their program but I can't seem to find where it is 
calling indexmaker. I also tried reading "mrtg" program but also failed to 
understand where it is calling indexmaker.

Any idea what should I do?



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