[mrtg] Re: Graph shows unreal drop in traffic

Ed LaFrance Ed.LaFrance at newmediaems.com
Tue Jan 16 18:36:34 MET 2007

...and if your switch does not have 64-bit counters, you can increase 
your polling frequency. I am currently running mrtg every three 
minutes against a particular switch with which I was having this 
problem, and I am now getting very accurate data without artificial 
drops. No configuration changes to mrtg are needed - you just grab 
data more frequently to avoid the wrap-around problem.


At 07:21 AM 1/16/2007, Barber, Erik A. wrote:
>Is your utilization around 110 Mbps?  If so, you're probably hitting the
>limits of the 32 bit counters, and they are wrapping.  This can usually
>be resolved by using the 64 bit (snmp v2) counters, if your device
>supports it.
>Search for SNMPv2c:
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>We are having a very strange problem.
>Sometimes we are getting a drop in traffic in the mrtg graphs. But when
>we look on the router itself, there is no drop.
>Does anyone knows something about this problem?
>Thank you.
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