[mrtg] snmq queries MRTG using

Vlastislav Weiner vlastikw at gmail.com
Sun Jan 28 16:42:55 CET 2007

Thanks for answer, It has helped not much but I hope we solve this
together. These information generates cfgmaker

C:\mrtg-2.15.0\bin>perl cfgmaker public at --global "WorkDir: d:\htdo
cs\mrtg" --output mrtg.cfg
--base: Get Device Info on public at
--base: Vendor Id:
--base: Populating confcache
--coca: populate confcache public at
--coca: Skipping ifName scanning because public at does not seem to
support it
--coca: store in confcache public at Ip --> 103
--coca: store in confcache public at Ip --> 102
--coca: store in confcache public at Ip --> 101
--coca: store in confcache public at Ip --> 103
--base: Get Interface Info
--base: Walking ifIndex
--base: Walking ifType
--base: Walking ifAdminStatus
--base: Walking ifOperStatus
--base: Walking ifMtu
--base: Walking ifSpeed
--base: Writing mrtg.cfg

how get I these information with any application from net-snmp?

in attachment last sent there is all what I get with snmpwalk from my
router. There is something with 102 but nothing with ifInOctets. So
how is possible that mrtg shows graph for IP on interface 102 with
up/dn statistics? I want this also in cacti but only for upload.

Please help (I will try any command you send me and send you any
output you wish)

2007/1/28, MrPaul <mrpaular at gmail.com>:
> Most routers set the SNMP interface ID upon bootup and I haven't seen an
> easy way to get this from any device yet from the CLI.  You can do a
> snmpwalk on ifName or ifDesc and get the interface that is associated with
> 102 in your case.
> The OID to get the In/Out counters is ifInOctets/ifOutOctets (32 bit
> counters) or ifHCInOctets/ifHCOutOctets (64 bit counters).  64 bit should
> always be used on speeds over 100Mb to prevent the counter from looping more
> than once during your polling interval.
> To get the full OID add "-On" for numerical output or "-Of" for text output
> to your snmpwalk command.
> Paul

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