[mrtg] indexmaker issue

Harry John irvine.harris at gmail.com
Thu Jul 5 00:33:41 CEST 2007

Hi Gentlemen,

I've just installed MRTG on a centos 4.5 and it just gave me the local
output on http://localhost/mrtg

 Now to add a swich to view it statisctics, i did
communityname at router1>/var/www/html/mrtg/core/switch1.cfg
and it succesfully created a .cfg

i edited my router1.cfg workdirectory as /var/www/html/switches
To create a page I did Indexmaker like :
/usr/local/mrtg-2/bin/indexmaker /var/www/html/mrtg/switchswitch1.html>

and it gives : ERROR: Line 8 ( WorkDir: /var/www/html/mrtg) in CFG file
(/var/www/html/mrtg/core/switch1.cfg) does not make sense

I tried doing workdirectory as /var/www/html/mrtg/switch aslo and several
other options but does'nt seem to work well.

now i copied some stuff from mrtg.cfg to like runas daemon , HTML formating
stuff, Stat and then I was able to generate switch1.html
i ran
env LANG=C /usr/local/mrtg-2/bin/mrtg /var/www/html/mrtg/core/switch1.cfg
and was able to get the results.

but do i need to copy these fields (HTML formating stuff, Stat...)  each
time i add a new machine to view the services?
where  have i gone wrong?

Thanks in advance
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