[mrtg] traffic not showing more than 930mbps on the link

Faizal7778 Ahammed faizal7778 at yahoo.com
Fri Jul 20 03:24:53 CEST 2007

Hi all,

   Iam new to mrtg i had configured mrtg for 2 different routers to 2 different .cfg files the graphs obtained are in 2 separate pages anyone pls help to code  and  bring the output  in one  page .


reena SINGH <reena_mmmec at yahoo.com> wrote:  Dear all,
i have configured the MRTG Server on the unix machine for multi routers. it shows the graph of each interfaces properly. i have aggreated some links also. it also show the traffic properly less than 930 mbps. but it not showing the traffic more than 930 mbps . it got saturated on 930 mbps when trafic goes more than 930mbps.
  i have tried for both SNMP v2 & v4. for SNMP v2 traffic got saturated on 930 mbps, whereas with SNMP v4 i can not get the aggregated traffic.
  configuration of that link with SNMP v4 & V2 are given below:-
  Target[routers]: 1:public at 192.168.1.x::::::4 + 2:public at 192.168.1.x::::::4
+ 3:public at 192.168.1.x::::::4 + 4:public at 192.168.1.x::::::4 + 5:public at 192.168.1.x::::::4
MaxBytes[routers]: 125000000
Title[routers]: Total Speed for the Routers
  And with SNMP v2
   Target[routers]: 1:public at 192.168.1.x:::::2 + 2:public at 192.168.1.x:::::2
+ 3:public at 192.168.1.x:::::2
MaxBytes[routers]: 125000000
Title[routers]: Total Speed for the Routers

  so, please help me if anybody have any idea about this.
 Thanks in advance.
 Reena singh
 Delhi, India


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