[mrtg] memory usage increases about 100MB per day

Eric Brander mailinglists at rednarb.com
Fri Jun 1 15:33:32 CEST 2007

On 6/1/07, pc-guru86 at web.de <pc-guru86 at web.de> wrote:
> Now I've tried to run the following configuration:
> ActivePerl v5.8.8 build 819; RRDTool library v1.2.10 and MRTG 2.14.2 with
> the same behavior as before. Mem usage increases more and more...

Are you running any external scripts on your target line? I was one running
a VBScript on my target that was misbehaving and it showed similar results
as what you're seeing. Once I fixed that script I was running fine.


Eric Brander
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