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Danny Fuentes dannyf at cavecreek.net
Tue Jun 5 18:28:50 CEST 2007

What you need to do is create a new graph that aggregates both links.
Your config should look like this

Target[combined]: 1:snmp-string at DEVICE_NAME:::::2 +
2:snmp-string at DEVICE_NAME:::::2 
SetEnv[combined]: MRTG_INT_IP="" MRTG_INT_DESCR=""
MaxBytes[combined]: [Max speed here] 
PageTop[combined]: <H1></H1>
   <TR><TD>System:</TD>     <TD></TD></TR>
   <TR><TD>Maintainer:</TD> <TD></TD></TR>
   <TR><TD>Description:</TD><TD>  </TD></TR>
   <TR><TD>ifType:</TD>     <TD>ethernetCsmacd (6)</TD></TR>
   <TR><TD>ifName:</TD>     <TD>3/1</TD></TR>
   <TR><TD>Port Name:</TD>  <TD></TD></TR>
   <TR><TD>Max Speed:</TD>  <TD>1192.1 MBytes/s</TD></TR>

As you can see in the Target section you will combined both of your
interfaces to from one graph with both link.

Danny Fuentes
Network Operations
CWIE Holding Company, Inc.

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Hi guys,

One of my WAN conections is composed by 3 x 2048 Kbps serial links and
my mrtg config file gets the data from these links, generating one 2048
Kbps graph per link.

My mrth version is: mrtg-2.10.15-1

My Question: How can I join these log data to generate one 6144 Kbps

By the way.. I have no knowledge about mrtg log format.

Thanks to all.

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