[mrtg] Monitor Exchange 2003 related counters

Steve Shipway s.shipway at auckland.ac.nz
Thu Jun 7 01:49:27 CEST 2007

Exchange has a nasty habit of stealing the TCP port used by pNSclient.
You need to either start nsclient first, or else configure Exchange to
use higher numbered ports - there is a registry setting to do this, but
I cant remember what it is.  NSclient uses port tcp/1248.  If this
happens, pnsclient just stops working.  Exchange, on the other hand,
continues on quite happily as it just pinches a different port.




Here is a template for some Exchange2003 counters (LHNAME=long hostname,
SHNAME=short hostname) which used the mrtg-pnsclient.pl utility.


Target[%SHNAME%-exch-smtpq]: `mrtg-pnsclient.pl -H %LHNAME% -v COUNTER
-l "\\SMTP Server(_Total)\\Local Queue Length" -v COUNTER -l "\\SMTP
Server(_Total)\\Remote Queue Length"`

Title[%SHNAME%-exch-smtpq]: %SHNAME% Exchange SMTP Queue

MaxBytes[%SHNAME%-exch-smtpq]: 10000

PageTop[%SHNAME%-exch-smtpq]: null

LegendI[%SHNAME%-exch-smtpq]: lcl:

LegendO[%SHNAME%-exch-smtpq]: rmt:

YLegend[%SHNAME%-exch-smtpq]: Queue Length


Legend1[%SHNAME%-exch-smtpq]: Local SMTP queue length

Legend2[%SHNAME%-exch-smtpq]: Remote SMTP queue length

Legend3[%SHNAME%-exch-smtpq]: Peak local SMTP queue length

Legend4[%SHNAME%-exch-smtpq]: Peak remote SMTP queue length

Options[%SHNAME%-exch-smtpq]: growright gauge

SetEnv[%SHNAME%-exch-smtpq]: MRTG_INT_DESCR="Exch: SMTP Queue"

routers.cgi*Mode[%SHNAME%-exch-smtpq]: generic

routers.cgi*Options[%SHNAME%-exch-smtpq]: nopercent nomax fixunit
integer nototal

routers.cgi*Incompact[%SHNAME%-exch-smtpq]: no

routers.cgi*InSummary[%SHNAME%-exch-smtpq]: yes

routers.cgi*Icon[%SHNAME%-exch-smtpq]: mail-sm.gif

routers.cgi*Summary[%SHNAME%-exch-smtpq]: Exchange


Target[%SHNAME%-exch-tx]: `mrtg-pnsclient.pl -H %LHNAME% -v COUNTER -l
"\\SMTP Server(_Total)\\Messages Received Total" -v COUNTER -l "\\SMTP
Server(_Total)\\Messages Sent Total"`

Title[%SHNAME%-exch-tx]: %SHNAME% Exchange Message Transfer

MaxBytes[%SHNAME%-exch-tx]: 10000

PageTop[%SHNAME%-exch-tx]: null

LegendI[%SHNAME%-exch-tx]: in :

LegendO[%SHNAME%-exch-tx]: out:

YLegend[%SHNAME%-exch-tx]: Messages/min

ShortLegend[%SHNAME%-exch-tx]: /min

Legend1[%SHNAME%-exch-tx]: Inbound msg transfer

Legend2[%SHNAME%-exch-tx]: Outbound msg transfer

Legend3[%SHNAME%-exch-tx]: Peak Inbound transfer

Legend4[%SHNAME%-exch-tx]: Peak Outbound transfer

Options[%SHNAME%-exch-tx]: growright  perminute

SetEnv[%SHNAME%-exch-tx]: MRTG_INT_DESCR="Exch: Msg Transfer"

routers.cgi*Mode[%SHNAME%-exch-tx]: generic

routers.cgi*Options[%SHNAME%-exch-tx]: nopercent nomax fixunit

routers.cgi*Icon[%SHNAME%-exch-tx]: mail-sm.gif

routers.cgi*Summary[%SHNAME%-exch-tx]: Exchange

routers.cgi*InMenu[%SHNAME%-exch-tx]: no

routers.cgi*Icon[Exchange]: mail-sm.gif


One question though.
Have you seen any issues on your Exchange server after installing
pNSclient or nsclient++?
I am a bit reluctant to install any third party software of my Exchange
server which may cause performance or stability issues.
And if anybody has an example script on how to nsclient to monitor
exchange SMTP mail queue, etc, it would be great.
nd join the i'm Initiative now. It's free.   Make it count!


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