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Scott Danton scott.danton at gallatin-tn.gov
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Looking at the Explicit OIDs in the link that you sent to me I have another question.  I have found the information that I need to graph the temperature.  I have realized another issue.  The information is stored in the device like this: 7835 I need it to graph like 78.35  Is that possible?  I also only what to graph the Temp of one sensor.  How do I do that knowing that I need two variables in order to graph them.



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Am Freitag, 8. Juni 2007 14:36 schrieb Scott Danton:
> I have recently purchased a Room Alert 7E to monitor the temperature of
> our Server room.  I am wondering if anyone has any experience monitoring
> the temperature from a Room Alert device with MRTG?  I would love to get
> some help on a config.  Looking at the documentation they have built in
> MIB for Temp1F and Temp2F for the temperature settings.  I am not sure
> how to use these.  I know for monitoring a network interface in MRTG you
> would use something like Do I use the same thought process
> and do  How do I set up the graph for temperature?
> As you might be able to tell I am not real sure of what I am doing.
> Please send anything you think will be helpful. Even a sample cfg file
> if you have one.
> Thanks,
> Scott

Get the MIB from your vendor and look at:
section "Explicit OIDs"

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