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john green mhwork at hotmail.co.uk
Thu Mar 1 13:07:31 CET 2007

Hello There

I hope somebody can help me,  I am new to MRTG, I installed MRTG on a 
windows 2003 server and configured it as suggested from various internet 
sites.  I want to monitor our 90 ether channels usage in a cisco 6509.  Each 
etherchannel formed with 3 1gb ports total 3GB.

What I see in the graph is as follows. If I click on portchannel 50 it 
Incoming traffic
100% Bandwidth (2.93gb)
Max in 305.91 (0%)  Avg in: 161.72 (0%) Cur in: 289.98 (0%)
Max out: 10.74 M (0%) Avg Out: 713.30 k (0%) cur out:958.73 k (0%)

Can somebody tell What do they all mean,

The other thing is if I click on the interface which is the switch IP 
address I see another graph
100% bandwidh (97.66 mbps)

I would appriciate any help,


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