[mrtg] MRTG not updating RRD files

Stuart Kendrick skendric at fhcrc.org
Wed Mar 7 21:37:24 CET 2007

permissions on the RRD files set to 666?

change the OID you are monitoring to something which doesn't exist ... 
that should generate errors in the log file ... this exercise just 
proves that you're looking at the right log file

change the OID to something else which you are successfully monitoring 
elsewhere, see if that changes behavior

i'm stabbing here ... trying to come up with a way to trouble-shoot 
this, rather than explain how it could be happening


stuart kendrick

Dean, Mike wrote:
> I've been running MRTG on two separate systems with each running the
> config files for systems that were local to their network.  Yesterday, I
> moved everything to a single system and all device RRD files are being
> updated as they should except for one set of files.  Regardless of what
> I do, the RRD files will no be updated by MRTG.  MRTG is running and is
> no giving any system errors, and running any of the configuration files
> by themselves (non daemon) does not produce any errors either.
> All of the systems are being updated via a DS3 WAN connection that runs
> at about 10mbps (plenty of room left) and two of the devices in question
> are Catalyst 6513s with more than 200 interfaces each.  
> If I remove the RRD files, MRTG will create new ones; however, after
> their initial creation, the RRD files never get updated.  All other
> devices, including other devices being updated over the same DS3 are
> being updated correctly.
> System Information
> Mandrake Linux (kernel 2.4.22-10mdk)
> MRTG, v2.15.0 
> RRDTool, v1.2.11
> Frontend: routers.cgi, v2.16
> Thanks, in advance!
> Mike
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