[mrtg] Non-stop SNMP requests (was MRTG not updating RRD files)

Dean, Mike mdean at landstar.com
Thu Mar 8 19:36:03 CET 2007

 |  Do you have it in Daemon mode and starting but not ending multiple
instances on the same config file?
 | -- 
 | Eric Brander  
It was in daemon mode and I am fairly positive that no other processes
were running that config.  Just to be sure, I started it again, via the
cmd line, not in daemon mode and captured the traffic.  I also double
checked the process list to make sure only one process was running this
config (and it there was only one).  The result was the same.

At 13:06:41.046, the process started, running the checks for ifName,
ifDesc, ifType, ipAdentIfIndex, ifPhysAddress and then the requests for
the ifName/inOctets and ifName/outOctets (in a single SNMP request) for
each interface.  The last request for the in/outOctets (with the ifName)
was at 13:08:02.844.  At 13:08:02.851, it started the process over
again.  This process appears to continue indefinitely.

Again, this config was run via the cmd line, not as a daemon and was the
only process running the config file.


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