[mrtg] add another device to monitor

Christopher Noyes cnoyes at csc.com
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   In my experience, it's been more managable for me to create config 
files for each switch/router/device I want to monitor.  I also keep the 
rrd databases stored in a seperate directory for each device being 
monitored.  I guess how you want to do it depends on how many devices you 
have to monitor.

-Chris Noyes

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Bob Peck <bpeck at chimesnet.com> 
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[mrtg] add another device to monitor


I'm fairly new to MRTG, I'd like to know how would I add another switch
to be monitor say gige-core3.. if my mrtg.cfg looks like the following

# Global configuration
# WorkDir: /var/www/mrtg
# WriteExpires: Yes

# Title[^]: Traffic Analysis for

# 128K leased line
# ----------------
# Title[leased]: a 128K leased line
# PageTop[leased]: <H1>Our 128K link to the outside world</H1>
# Target[leased]: 1:public at router.localnet
# MaxBytes[leased]: 16000

WorkDir: /home/apache/mrtg
ThreshDir: /home/apache/mrtg/threshdir

## Switches
Include: /etc/mrtg/gige-core1.inc
Include: /etc/mrtg/gige-core2.inc

LoadMIBs: /usr/share/snmp/mibs/UCD-SNMP-MIB.txt,

## Servers
Include: /etc/mrtg/frwl001.inc
#Include: /etc/mrtg/punchbowl.inc
Include: /etc/mrtg/c501.inc
Include: /etc/mrtg/c502.inc
Include: /etc/mrtg/c505.inc
Include: /etc/mrtg/c506.inc
Include: /etc/mrtg/c507.inc
Include: /etc/mrtg/c508.inc
Include: /etc/mrtg/c509.inc

Thanks for any help

Bob Peck
Network Architect
Chimes, Inc
5455 Corporate Drive, Suite 303
Troy MI 48098

office (248) 293-6767 ext 270
mobile (586) 604-4665

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